Our mission is to make contribution towards the sustainable development and conservation of nature and natural resources for the development of nation,by motivating researchers.


  • Amplification organizational management.
  • Ecological promotion at youth level
  • Capacity building for research and field work on biodiversity
  • Approach for developing research networks outside the Kathmandu valley.
  • Environmental Campaigns, workshops,seminar,training and education.
  • Extend natural resources promotion at community and strategy level.
  • Community based environmental awareness programmes.
  • Extend research networks through out the country and build relationship with communities for nature and natural resources conservation.
  • Execution of biodiversity projects based on the research and study.
  • Development of information centers related to natural disasters at district level.
  • Expand linkages with the international organization for the global. Environmental conservation.
  • To discover and promote scientific and advance environmental tools and techniques.