Research & Conservation of Nature (RECO-Nepal) has been involving the archaeological research and protection of the culture heritage of the country since last few years. Protection and maintenance of archaeological sites, ancient monuments including remains of national importance, museums and archive management are the main archaeological values and concerns of the country and researchers in Nepal Ancient Monument Preservation Act, 2013 (1956 AD) provides ample provisions to protect and preserve any individual monuments, group of monuments, sites and even vernacular edifices located through the country either private or public having archaeological, historical, artistic and aesthetic values.The devastating earthquake of 7.9 magnitudes in Nepal on 25th April, 2015. The country also saw a number of its iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites and most popular tourist attractions some dating more than 1,700 years reduced to piles of rubble. 100-foot Dharahara Tower was cut down to a 30-foot tower. RECO-Nepal is also working for the reconstruction of such monuments in collaboration with other organizations.

Research & Conservation of Nature (RECO-Nepal) is also working for:

  • Preservation and protection of monuments and archaeological sites inside the country.
  • Conduct research activities on Nepalese history, culture and archaeology exploration with partnership of National and International universities.
  • Conduct archaeological exploration and carryout archaeological excavation and publish the report to the public
  • Collection of archival materials of the exhibition
  • Provide technical assistance to the local peoples for conservation.
  • To conduct awareness for the protection and promotion of the culture heritage.