According to the World Bank, Agriculture is the main source of food, income, and employment for the majority contributing approximately one-third of total GDP in Nepal. Nepal has great potential in tea, ginger, cardamom, and sugarcane production, which have high demand in the international market. Rice, wheat, and maize are the main food crops, and mustard, soybean and sunflower are the major oilseeds. Potato, lentil, tobacco and jute are the major cash crops, which have high demand in local market. RECO-Nepal is providing trainings to the farmers of different districts as well as providing the materials for the agricultural production. The trained farmers have grown coffee, oranges, vegetables which are also exported to different parts of Nepal.

Research and conservation of nature (RECO-Nepal) is also promoting the bee keeping in different rural communities. Honey production through beekeeping could be a useful source of economy. Certain amount of fund as well as awareness is provided to the bee keepers for the effective production of honey. We focus on improving quality queen breeding, developing beekeeping technology and production of quality honey to meet the requirement of people.




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